Tracer Youth Employment Survey

Funded by PLP & ILO

Tracer Youth Employment Survey

The Tracer Youth Employment Survey is one of the core projects of the S.N.Y.C in partnership with its development partner the Pacific Leadership Program, Civil Society Support Programme and the International Labour Organisation. The survey intends to deliver S.N.Y.C’s mission “To enhance youth development for the social, economic and political stability of Samoa, today and in the future”.  The purpose of the survey is to assist SNYC in developing a database of youth participation in the informal sector in particular on income – generating activities by youth in the community and launch a policy paper highlighting the key areas set out below. 


  1. Explore the common notion that there is no unemployment in Samoa.
  2. Determine a baseline statistical framework of unemployment and/or idle youth; and
  3. Ascertain issues faced by youth living in the community affecting their participation in the employment sector.
Tracer Youth Employment Survey Underway
The survey is collecting information on youth demographics, levels of education and reasons for non-completion of studies, current employment status, experience in applying for jobs, skills and literacy levels, potential income generating activities available to them from natural resources in their village, and knowledge and understanding of volunteerism.

The information gathered from this survey is important to assist S.N.Y.C in:
  • identifying baseline data on unemployed and/or economically active youths in Samoa,
  • developing a policy statement as a lobbying toolkit in addressing unemployment issues in the youth sector, and
  • creating and establishing the pilot youth pioneers for its youth employment network online platform project sponsored by the International Labour Organisation (Aligned with the One U.N Youth Employment Programme and Samoa National Action Plan on Youth Employment).

Over the 11 – 25 April 2016 periods, the team surveyed the following number of youth from the villages of:

·         Tanugamanono (31)

·         Salelesi (27)

·         Auala (47)

·         Faleasiu (176)

·         Vaimoso (40)

·         Vaisala (28)

·         Falelatai (91)

·         Sapapalii (66)

·         Foaluga (58)

·         Ulutogia (25)

·         Safune (64)

·         Satuiatua (16)

·         Gataivai (49)




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