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Alcohol Control Campaign

Brief Background

The Samoa National Youth Council in the past 3 years have developed and implemented an alcohol control campaign targeting youth and alcohol consumption. The core theme of the campaign was primarily focused on the responsible consumption of alcohol in particular the need for young adults including the public to practice safe driving habits.

Advocacy for alcohol control included a physical and health education day for the members followed by the delivery of the “BOB” the Sober Driver campaign with its partner nightclubs. The campaign partners include the Ministry of Police, D.F.Y – M.W.C.S.D, U.N.F.P.A, P.L.P, C.S.S.P and selected night clubs.

  • Advocate and encourage responsible behaviour among youths, in particular:
  • Responsible consumption of alcohol
  • Sober driving
  • Non-sale of alcohol to intoxicated persons
  • Tougher enforcement on after hours alcohol sales
  • Promote, reward and encourage a nominated Designated Driver (the D-Driver) to enjoy a night out with friends and ensure they get home safely and responsibly
  • Contribute to decreasing traffic accidents during the festive season caused by drunk/drink driving

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